Yorkshire Fettle is handmade from fresh, whole ewe's milk giving it a distinctive creaminess and subtle taste"/> Popular posts  

Yorkshire fettle cheese tesco

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. The cheese was originally called Yorkshire Feta but an EU ruling stated that only cheese made in Greece could be called feta meant that the name had to be changed. Officials from the Hellenic Association of Milk & Dairy. 3. Cheese - Tesco Groceries Get quality Cheese at Tesco. . £ 3. . . . . Cara Houlton. 00 Add to basket Cheese & Chutney Selection Box £ 49. 50. Fettle is a delicious ewe's milk feta-style cheese, 150g,nIt's incredible to cook with or to enjoy by itself. Cara Houlton. Beautifully packaged as well!. Yorkshire Hampers No products in the basket. 95. . “We found that none were being made in Yorkshire at the time, and very few in the UK. “This is Yorkshire’s version of feta. Earn Clubcard points when you shop. Log In. MRS BELLS Salad Cheese - feta style £4. Reviews (0) Yorkshire Fettle is a hand made cheese from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. An artisan cheesemaker in Thirsk, North Yorkshire has come under fire again for the name of their Yorkshire Fettle cheese. It has a lemony flavour and much less salty than the Greek version. Apr 30, 2007 · Judy Bell has now re-named her cheese Fine Fettle Yorkshire Celebrations are under way in Thirsk to mark the last day a cheese maker can call a product "Yorkshire Feta". Yorkshire, England. Also try Harrogate Blue and Yorkshire Fettle from this artisan cheesemaker. 99). Matured over a minimum of two weeks, the salt infuses the whole cheese. £4. Made with milk from local farms, Distinctively strong & rugged, Typically aged for 15 months, Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegetarians LIFE 7d +. . . . . met_scrip_pic geography quiz multiple choice.

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