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Omori sunny x reader jealous

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Basil is a character from the Omori fandom. Jun 9, 2022 · Sunny knew this and was secretly a little jealous. She put Sunny, Kel and Hero through much trouble on getting her back with them ever since Mari died. Sunny loved spending time with his friends, their group was very tight knit, and they knew each other well. Basil x fem! reader I have just finished the sunny route in bad and good ending, but I'm not an expert so expect me to make mistakes (if you find any kind of mistakes, p. you and SUNNY are definitely the “opposites attract” duo, platonic or not. . (these were shorter than usual, but they were fun to write. . . gen3king. . . 140K 3. The group split was a disappointment for (Y/n). 1. . fanfiction. 7K 262 5. 00. . See a recent post on Tumblr from @writingoddess1125 about zoro x reader. Even after moving away from his old house, something still didn't feel quite right. . . . He simply feel better with you so he can smile a little more. basilomori;. But when Mari finds out that her husk of a brother isn't as dangerous as she thought, a web of lies comes crashing down as she's forced to overcome her sanguivoriphobia. . . . . Mikhael | The Maverick/Reader Mari (OMORI) Mari and Sunny's Parents (OMORI) Aubrey (OMORI) Aubrey's Parents (OMORI) Hero and Kel's Parents (OMORI) Sunny (OMORI) Hero (OMORI) Basil (OMORI) Basil's Parents (OMORI) Kel (OMORI) Sweetheart (OMORI). 5K 56 7. Two Sides. Major Character Death. Mari and Hero may be an exception. . uotev. . ago. He may have been aware of Mari's struggles from seeing things that Mari didn't intend for him to see, keeping in mind they live together. . met_scrip_pic cvs adderall refill policy.

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