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K. . As a reaction to a melee weapon attack, Ketheric can bash with his shield for a chance to knock an enemy Prone on a failed Dexterity saving throw. During the second time you fight Ketheric, I've had several game crashes, and I don't know what to do. You need to take a 'elevator' to Thorm. If you want to know the easiest way to find stuff: Download and extract the latest version of Norbyte's ExportTool from Github. . 2. RELATED: Baldur's Gate 3: How to Enter Ketheric Thorm's Private Rooms in Moonrise Towers. . . Note: Currently, this page contains raw quest data only. . . Seemingly made of gold, she is driven by endless greed and is relentless in enforcing the toll to cross the river to Moonrise Towers. If you are low on points there's a rejuvination tank up the elevator before the boss. BG3: What to Do with the Goblins in Moonrise Towers. Unlike finding Thisobald Thorm in BG3, defeating this bar boss is far tougher and tricky as well. BG3 Playthrough Part 14: General Thorm Bookcase puzzle, Button Puzzle in Mausoleum, find Balthazar00:53 - Get behind the bookcase in General's Ketheric Thorm. . . My rogue misty step to the Ketheric Thorm's back, stab him thrice and he fled. . . ago • Edited 1 mo. How to defeat Ketheric without Nightsong. I manage to skip Phase 1 of Ketheric Thorm's final boss fight in the Mind Flayer Colony. . K. . . After Oliver returns to Thaniel, Thaniel finally awakens. . . He hits like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ truck, but trust your healer and your casters to destroy it. . Saving her from Thorm's forces during the attack will recruit her as a. But succeeding the rolls before Phase 1 unlocks the ability to skip Phase 2 on a DC 18 roll (you may not be. . . . . . . Although heavier armor usually provides more protection, keep in mind they may also hinder your characters' spell casting. Balthazar is working alongside Ketheric Thorm in an attempt to seek out a relic hidden within the Gauntlet of Shar in Baldur's Gate 3. . After knowing the location of Thaniel, Halsin will then ask you to meet him at the lakeshore which is located north of the Last Light Inn. . Upon heading to Moonrise Towers for your final fight against Ketheric Thorm, you will first need to clear out the foes on the main floors of the tower. . A party attempting to side with Ketheric will also have to venture into the Shadowfell, as. . General Ketheric Thorm was a Chosen of Myrkul and a leader of the Cult of the Absolute who led an army of undead and monstrous creatures from Moonrise Towers in the Western Heartlands during the late 15th century DR. I found it better not to control Jaheria, allowing her to cut through the battlefield as the AI saw fit. While going. Ok, I found it. So my rolls have aligned in my favour, and with my powers of +11 persuasion, I convinced Thorm to repent, so it looks like he jumped off a cliff. Moonrise Towers is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). I tried to include various characters that play a decent role in the game, and the companions and main antagonists have to be here. On my first attempt of the button puzzle, I guessed and got them wrong which filled the room with darkness. You can't do this quest to find Zevlor until you complete the main quest, "Defeat Ketheric Thorm. BG3 Nightsong - Should you Save or Kill Nightsong. The Act culminates with. . met_scrip_pic bg3 dank crypt button not working.

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