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Gojo x reader masterlist lemon

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32M. getting canceled for dating him. He's the strongest and she can hear thoughts together they're quite a strong duo. . Hurt and some comfort maybe. Synopsis: You thought once he proposed to you that night, you would be each other's forever. 722 13 1. Votes. Discover more posts about kyojuro rengoku x reader, rengoku x reader, rengoku smut, kyojuro x reader, kny kyojuro, kny fanfic, and rengoku kyojuro x reader. . 2k summary. . Clumsy S/O. Yuuji wanted to fucking kill that fiancé of Gojo's. Language:. Some Humor. Death Note; Father! Light Yagami. . Rest. Gojo Satoru/Original Male Character (s) Gojo Satoru/Reader. ). . . “None of this is to. [genshin various x fem!abyss mage!reader] Due to your untimely and rather unfortunate death, the universe takes pity on you and reincarnates you into the world of your f. . Jan 30, 2014 · You got on your knees as you tried to get off, but the Master pulled you forward again. . Sign me up. dating percy jackson would include ღ /. yuujiitadori. midnight blues┆gojo satoru. That curse that spread fear far and wide with a simple utter of their name. WARNING SMUT IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT WALK THAT ASS AND READ A DIFFRENT BOOK KK LOVE ANAI AKA THE WRITER. Gojo would hate to admit it but seeing the way you swerved past the customers at the restaurant was a dance in his eyes. See a recent post on Tumblr from @onirique-amaranth about sub jjk x dom reader. A/N: Thanks for this cute idea! Having one Gojo is already a handful, but two Gojo. Gojo Satoru X Reader. He wants to come so bad, but you enjoy watching him struggle and beg. satoru. . Those blue eyes followed him around everywhere like a curse. Where A-list actors Y/n L/n and Satoru Gojo hook up at a friends birthday party, and get into more than they bargained for. Jujutsu Kaisen : Boyfriend. gojoxyn; jjk; lemon # 7 //Under The Stars// S. He was perceived by everyone; as an arrogant bully who enjoys teasing others, or admired for being the strongest sorcerer. "Hi, who is this y/n" Hiro asks. warnings/tags: minors DNI, NON-CON, dark content, f!reader, King!Geto, Loyal Dog!Gojo, prisoner!reader, yandere!Gojo, POV switch, virginity loss, blood, implied voyeurism, vague curse/magic system in place, ambiguous morality, brief implication of yuuta x reader, implied eventual geto x reader, implied eventual geto x reader x gojo, these tags aren’t. Warnings: Cursing. . Tokito Muichiro x Original Character. . A part 2 of "Glimpse" was requested, so here it is :D. After weeks and weeks of saving, the heavens have finally answered my prayers. . Masterlist (Pillars) Masterlist for All Pillars. . Jurong East is the regional centre of the region, with plans of developing the Jurong Lake District into a second CBD area. "Baby, I just put Keisuke to sleep. “Haven’t tried it, actually,” Gojo says. He wanted to be Gojo's one and only. . met_scrip_pic svuda ti sapunko.

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